Winter Times


Autumn Times

At Abbie & Henry, (A&H) we believe in the power of motion and purpose. We are driven by the conviction that true beauty lies in the impact we create—not merely in the allure of our products, but in the positive change they bring forth.

We Create

Wherever You Roam

No matter where you are and where you go; it's designed for everyone. Are you looking for the next adventure? mountains or city, elegance or comfort, under the northern lights or under the stars in the deepest night, just go with us, we'll always be with you wherever you go.


Crafting Legacies

Abbie & Henry stands for inspiration that endures, crafting legacies for today and shaping visions for tomorrow. At the core of our ethos lie honesty, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering care in our craftsmanship. Our philosophy is heartfelt and straightforward: pursue your passion, create with love.


Abbie & Henry

A&H, Norway. Clothing, beauty and furniture retail company based in the Norwegian modern style. We make high quality products from the cold north.


For who isn't afraid of changes in the weather, or be an adventurer moving to a new city far away from home. This collection is for you. We will go where you go.

Take Me There!
We are the today and tomorrow. We know our world is changing and needs a positive change now more than ever.

Abbie & Henry, CEOs & Founders

Vision & Mission

We're feeling makers; A movement, a belief, from the serenity of high altitudes to the hustle of daily life, Abbie & Henry is more than a name—it's a promise to deliver with integrity, inspire with our actions, and value every person who becomes part of our story. Just like the majestic landscape that inspired our inception, we strive to leave a lasting impression on the world and in the hearts of those we serve.

Today & Tomorrow

We are the today and tomorrow. We know our world is changing and needs a positive change now more than ever, so all our products are inspired by nature and in a sublime way inspire others to care for this majestic world from all of us. We need to inspire others to take conscience, take real actions and be an example for others. That's why today and tomorrow we serve our planet.

The Difference

It's Designed For You

Inspired by the Nordic landscapes, Abbie & Henry offers a diverse range of products from stylish clothing and unique home decor to natural beauty essentials. Join us on a journey where nature meets creativity— because no matter where you go, we're with you.

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